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What the Cloud can mean for meAdvisory Services

“Cloud Computing” is a much-used IT industry term. Imagine a world where IT was provided as a utility, much like your electricity or water supplies. You don’t need to own an electricity generation plant and a distribution network to have access to electricity and, through the Cloud, the same is now true of IT.

The Cloud is a form of computing where scalable IT-enabled capabilities are delivered ‘as a Service’ to external customers using Internet technologies.

The delivery of IT-enabled capabilities “as a Service”, means that consumers or businesses no longer need to acquire, manage or own the IT assets required to provide the IT service. This dramatically changes the economics and complexity of IT purchase, provision and support in your favour.

While Cloud may mean different things to different people, here at CloudMover we believe that the Cloud can deliver real and measurable benefits for businesses such as yours:


1. Reduced IT costs and overheads
You no longer need to make Capital purchases of equipment or be involved in ensuring the same levels of support and in house capability as before.

2. Reduced complexity in running your business
Legacy technology can be complex, but Cloud is simple. This allows you to focus on your customers, your stakeholders and your service.

3. Greater business agility allowing you to respond quickly to customer needs
Your IT will serve the business rather than restrict the business. No more long development lead times to slow down business execution.

4. IT provided as a business service by experts to meet your specific needs
You no longer need to worry about providing people or IT systems – CloudMover look after all of this for you.

5. Access to IT services when you need them
You only consume and pay for the IT services you use – you get it where you need it, when you need it.

6. Reduced carbon footprint for your business
You reduce your carbon footprint and costs by not having all of the expensive and energy consuming capability on site. It has been estimated that each server costs €700 per year in electricity and environmental costs. Cloud can eliminate these costs entirely.

How I can benefit from the Cloud

CloudMover works with customers to understand whether Cloud is right for them and to quantify the economic benefits.

CloudMover Collect is our on-site advisory service which works with your finance and IT department to understand the benefits that Cloud can deliver for you. At the end of the CloudMover Collect engagement you will know:

  • How much money Cloud can save for your business
  • The strategy for implementing Cloud in your business
  • Which IT services are ready right now to be migrated to the Cloud
  • How to best utilise existing resources in the Cloud migration

CloudMover Collect is an initial three day engagement and is available for you to take advantage of right now. Click here to arrange to discuss this further with our team.