Implementing Cloud Solutions with CloudMover

CloudMover works with a number of Partners including IBImplementing Cloud SolutionsM, Microsoft and Google to deliver the appropriate Private and Public Cloud solutions to meet your needs. We will offer you choice and flexibility in determining your Cloud solution and use the best Partners in the market from our extensive network of Partner organisations.

Typical workload solutions that our Cloud implementation teams deliver for customers include:


CloudMover will design and implement Collaboration solutions to enable team working and project working in your business to compliment your email services. Solutions delivered include:

- IBM Lotus Live

- Google Docs

- Microsoft Office 365

Hosted Email

Email is a core Cloud-ready workload with a robust track record with a number of hosted solution providers.  CloudMover has delivered solutions including:

- Microsoft Exchange Online

-  Google Gmail

-  IBM Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging


The provision of CRM (or indeed xRM) solutions was led by and has matured into a Cloud-ready workload solution available from a number of vendors, including:

- NetSuite

- Microsoft Dynamics CRM

- eSalesTrack

Hosted Database Services

CloudMover will work with your Information and Technology teams to assess the optimal data management solution for your organisation which can leverage the following components:

- Microsoft SQL Azure

- IBM DB2 Platform

-  Oracle Exadata and Exalogic

Hosted Environments

CloudMover will help you assess the right Cloud platform for your information assets. Current vendors for consideration include:

-  IBM

-  Amazon Web Services

-  Microsoft Azure

- Eircom hosting

CloudMover Service Management in the Cloud

Whether your Cloud strategy is wholly in the Cloud or indeed a ‘hybrid’ solution, once it has been implemented, CloudMover will provide dedicated service management tools and resources for your IT staff.

We provide the right level of service engagement for your business, ranging from detailed in house statistical analysis, through to Service Level Agreement where CloudMover take responsibility for SLA provision and management from our Service Centre in Dublin.


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